In a recent commentary about Mitch Moreland, our man Clifford on the West Coast offered his opinions. When he does, people should take note….

Too bad you included the stip about having a first baseman who doesn’t hit homeruns. The Rangers could have kept one who not only wound up hitting for average, but looks as if he’ll hit 60 homers someday barring injury (Chris Davis) .

I screamed long and loud that trading a player with his potential for a reliever–albeit a good one in Koji Uehara–was foolish. Jon Daniels acknowledged at the time that CD was Wilver Stargell special–in other words, a true power hitter who could also hit .300 or more.

The problem was that Chris was striking out at an alarming rate back then (in part because he was pressing after hearing rumors that he was going to be moved).

Buck Schowalter decided to take a flyer on a guy who he thought could become the same guy at the major league level that he once was at the minor league level by teaching him to keep his hands inside the ball.

It worked fairly well last year when Davis coughed and sputtered his way to 33 round trippers.

Now that Chris has become fully acclimated to the swing changes the coaches in Baltimore got him to accept, the O’s have a first baseman who figures to terrorize American League  pitchers for the next 8 years or so–unlike Mitch Moreland who makes pitchers laugh and ‘s no more  than a tease to Texas fans: obviously strong enough to hit 30 homers or more if he stays off the DL, but unable to repeat the mechanics from one at bat to the next that make him a good hitter when he pays attention to the details..

Good luck with him, Ron Washington (who signed off on Jon Daniels’ decision which essentially gave Chris Davis away for $2 Million dollars since Tommie Hunter and Koji Uehara are no longer on their roster). All they’ve got is a consistently disappointing Mitch Moreland and wistful thoughts about what might have been had they remained a bit more patient with Chris Davis…Not the Buck Schowalter gives a damn



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  1. Brad Bearden

    The fact that you were given the opportunity to post such a ridiculous article will lead me to never again visit this site or any other publication that affiliates itself with you. Although every person (and every writer) is entitled to their opinion; to publish such an ignorant, classless and merit-less article is not only a clear indication of your own professional shortcomings but also a direct reflection of poor quality control by the editorial staff.

  2. John Doughty

    Trading off Davis is going to make Daniels famous as one of the all time stupid GMs. Moreland may turn out to be a pretty good player. But with the Rangers loosing Crus’s home run punch, Davis’s home runs would sure come in mighty handy right now.


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