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Let me begin by saying that—as a run producer—I can’t stand him…all the more so since he plays at a premium RBI position. His overall numbers aren’t disgraceful—I’ve seen worse in my 50(+) years of following the grand old game…But Mitch Moreland absolutely STINKS whenever he comes to the plate with runners in scoring position, and that’s the biggest bone I have to pick with him as well as with the Ranger brass’ for their annual love affair with him…Who cares if he’s a nice guy who attends church most weeks and has a name that rolls off your tongue? He’s 30 years old and he still hasn’t figured out how to hit with ducks on the pond or how to hit off speed pitches at any time…and at this point it doesn’t look like he ever will—at least not in a Ranger uniform…I mean, Nomar Mazara is nine years younger than Moreland is but HE’S the one who looks like a seasoned hitter who understands how to adjust to pitchers and make THEM come to HIM


Which brings me to my second observation: At one time The Rangers had Chris Davis, Mitch Moreland and Justin Smoak on their roster at the same time. Back then I actually thought that of the three of them, Moreland was most major league-ready…To me, Chris was too aggressive, Justin was too passive, but Mitch seemed somewhere in the middle–just right.  So the Rangers eventually parted with ex-Yankee farmhand Davis—for Koji Uehara and Tommy Hunter, as I recall. I realize that Davis just got through striking out six times against the Oakland A’s a couple of games before, but I still thought he was worth keeping and developing at Round Rock (just as I do Joey Gallo for many of the same reasons….) I screamed at the top of my lungs at the time that I thought Chris Davis had 45 homers and 110 (or more) RBI’s written all over him and I’ll be damned if  I wasn’t right…Even though he still strikes out a lot I wouldn’t hold that against him, necessarily. After all, Wilver Stargel struck out 154 times during his best season (1971), and still hit .295 and drove in 125 runs that year—with 48 homers…Willie McCovey, Harmon Killebrew and Reggie Jackson, among others, all struck out more than the average hitter too, but that’s to be expected from a guy in sitting in the middle of your lineup who’s  being counted on to drive in runs…And besides, more often than not , unlike Mitch Moreland, THEY PRODUCED when their teams needed them too—often in a BIG way…


I guess that’s all I’ve got…I just hope the Rangers’ brass comes to their senses, cuts their losses and trades this guy to some other GM who thinks having Mitch as their first baseman is a good thing—good enough to part with a decent prospect no matter what position that player happens to play…That remains to be seen, but as far as I’m concerned it can’t happen quickly enough…That’s because after Rougned Odor returns from the suspended list Jurickson Profar—a player I think has the talent to be a perennial All-Star—will be sent back to RR…But if he’s still hitting well and making plays at second base, I’d be inclined to sit Moreland, better still, TRADE him, and install Profar (who likely isn’t finished growing yet) at first base…


My two cents…

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