The Former President of the Cleveland Browns the man many think robbed Randy Learner of 40 million dollars wants to return to coaching in the NFL. Holgren must be trying to get the bad taste out of his mouth that he got from being fired by Jimmy Haslam III once he finished the deal to buy the Cleveland Browns.  It is almost humorous the man who said he would not return to the sidelines as a coach when he was in Cleveland now wants to get back into coaching. Mike Holmgren may not have the work ethic left in him to go back to the sidelines, this is a guy that went on vacation during the NFL bye week while he was the team president for the Browns.

Holmgren came to work late and left early, he said spending time with his wife at home was more important than working in the Browns front office.  Holmgren has to be kidding us. Now he wants to come back into coaching, something that requires what he has avoided for the 3 years while he was in Cleveland. Work. Why didn’t he get his butt on the sidelines in Cleveland to help the team win? Why did he hire a loser like Pat Shurmur?

Mike Holmgren didn’t hire people in Cleveland that would turn the Cleveland Browns into a winner,he made hires that he could control. He controlled G.M. Tom Heckert and forced him to draft Brandon Weeden in the first round of the NFL draft. Holmgren vary rarely even held press conferences in Cleveland. No he wants to return to coaching. The funny thing is with all the head coaches that have been fired, someone will probably add to the Mike Holmgren bank account. His usual fee for coaching is 8 million a year. Is Holmgren truly worth that kind of money and if he does get a head coaching job will he bring Pat Shurmur with him?????


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