The best pitcher on the Tigers’ staff got it right. “HE’S OBVIOUSLY THE BEST”, Scherzer contends. Not just “one of” the best;  the BEST all around hitter anywhere, period.

This guy was on the bench nursing a hip flexor injury for 4 games, and in his very first at-bat on the very first pitch he cranks a homerun in support of his team who went on to win.

Miguel has the hands of notoriously good wrist-hitters like Henry Aaron and Roberto Clemente, the power of a young Orlando Cepeda during his San Francisco Giant Baby Bull days, and the ability to hit impossible “pitcher’s pitches” much like Vladimir Guerrero used to in his prime, although I think Bad Vlad was the best I’ve ever seen at that particular aspect of hitting.

I hope people (like sportswriters) don’t take Cabrera’s greatness for granted just because he does it so often. Observers did that with Rod Carew, Wade Boggs and to some extent Tony Gwynn. True fans won’t make that mistake. We can’t wait to turn on the TV or head to the ballpark to see this guy do his thing



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