By Larry GLicken

Phil Mickelson was right where he wanted to be toady in Augusta, playing in the last group at the Masters a tournament Phil could have won for the fourth time if things went his way today. Mickelson started out with a par at number one, a par at number two, when he made par it was like he just gave the field a stroke. It would be at number four a par three in which the major mistake took place and Phil gave away his chance to claim his fourth green jacket. Mickelson would pull his tee shot right of the green and he was dead with his ball buried under the over-growth leaving Mickelson very little to do.

Mickelson could have taken an UN-playable lie and taken himself back to the tee to hit his third shot which more than likely would have found the green. In true Mickelson style Phil wouldn’t go for that, he took a out a club and turned it upside-down to use it as a right handed player and proceeded to try and chop his ball free from the over-growth right of the number four green.  Mickelson was UN-successful in his first attempt and had to chop at it again. Phil advanced the ball enough to take a full swing at it to get it onto the putting surface. The problem was Mickelson got a little to greedy and tried to get it close to the flag. In doing so Phil hit his ball to high and left it in the bunker. Mickelson would get it out and finish the hole making a triple bogey 6 on the par three.Mickelson would end the day back at even par on the day and at 8 under par for the week giving Phil a tie for third place in the Masters with three others.

Bubba Watson and Louis Oosthuizen would finish the Masters at 10 under par and go into a sudden death play off. Oosthuizen would wow the world making a double eagle at the number two hole which is a par five. Oosthuizen would be the first player in the history of the Masters to ever make a double eagle on the second hole. Watson and Oosthuizen would play 18 as the first play off hole. Both players hit good drives and both men found the green with their second shots. Oosthuizen would putt first and missed, then Waston followed with a putt that could win the Masters and he too missed.

Oosthuizen and Watson would then head over to the tenth hole for their second play-off hole to determine this years Masters champion. The long hitting Bubba Watson would tee off first and hit a wild tee shot, Watson hit a shot on number ten that would end up way to the right of the number ten fairway. Oosthuizen would then switch to his three metal thinking he didn’t need a burst of heroics with Watson in trouble and Oosthuizen hits his ball way right too. Neither guy was really seizing their opportunity to win their first green jacket.

Watson’s ball was really in trouble on number ten. Oosthuizen’s ball had to have hit some trees and got a favorable kick to the left leaving him a decent shot at the green. Watson was really in trouble and would have to hit a one in a million shot to have a shot at the green. Oosthuizen needed to play a little draw and just came up short of the green. Now it was Watson’s turn to have a go at number ten. Watson hit the improbable, he hit a shot that if you place the ball in that spot 100 guys couldn’t hit. Watson hit a draw off the pine straw out of the woods and got it onto the green.

Oosthuizen was in trouble off the front of the green, he really needed to hit a shot that would put some pressure on Watson and Oosthuizen hit it past the flag so far, that he was still away. He need to hole this putt to make a par and Watson still had a putt for birdie. Oosthuizen had no easy putt, He gave it a run and would just miss leaving it once again Bubba Watson’s Masters to win.

Watson could two putt and still win the Masters, Bubba lined up his putt for birdie stroked it and he missed it. Watson had a par putt left to win the Masters and he did it. Bubba Watson won the 76th Masters on the second hole of the play off beating Louis Oosthuizen. After the tee shot Watson hit, no one would have picked him to win the Masters. Bubba took control and got it done. He now has a green Jacket. Congratulations Bubba Watson.

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