Andy Reid has named Michael Vick the Eagles starter going forward. Reid has been warned this year by the team’s owner and he still sticks with Vick. The Eagles are at 3-4 and have lost their last three games with their struggling quarterback. The Eagles have to win this season otherwise they may be looking for a new head coach come seasons end. The Eagles have lost 4 of the 7 games they played and Vick has made a habit of turning the ball over.

The Eagles have to find a way to turn this around otherwise Reid could become part of the Eagles history. Vick has his head coach sticking his neck out for him. He has to find a way to start winning some football games and Vick needs to do a better job protecting the football. The Eagles need to finish the season better than 8-8, how mush better isn’t clear.

We know that losing the last three and only winning one of their last 5 games isn’t exactly helping Reid’s case to remain the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. It seems like Reid is afraid to  name their unproven Rookie Nick Foles as the teams starter over Vick. For Andy Reid fans they are hoping he knows what he is doing.

The Eagles have to play the hungry Saints in their next game. The Saints have struggled without their head coach this season and the Eagles will face a team that wants to win badly. The Eagles defense is going to have to step up big when the Eagles take on the Saints. It isn’t only Michael Vick that is on the hot seat. Andy Reid has to be feeling the heat on his backside right about now too….Lets hope for his sack, Andy Reid knows what he is doing….



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