The N.F.L. isn’t much safer is it? Roger Goodell was worried about how the league was going to address player safety in 2012 and stop the concussions. Well, in week 10 we have seen three star quarterbacks taken out of the games due to suffering Concussions. Michael Vick looked to hit his head on the turf and Smith looked to take a hit to the head and of course if you were watching Sunday night football you would have seen Cutler take a helmet hit to the head that cost the Bears their starting quarterback and  maybe a chance for a win.

Goodell must have his calculator out right about now just adding up the fines he will issue to the players that took out Cutler and Smith. Vick’s couldn’t be helped and if you have ever listened to Michael Vick you would know the N.F.L. doesn’t penalize the guys who hit Vick the same way they would anyone else.

So much for Roger Goodell putting an end to head hits on quarterbacks or anyone else for that matter. The guy takes a 15 yard penalty and the Goodell and his henchmen are going to have to eject the guy who hits with his helmet. Until then the N.F.L. isn’t going to stop helmet hits unless that take away the helmets. Goodell is probably having s fit right about now.

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