What did Michael Vick do in the 2012 season that makes him think he should be the Eagles starting quarterback in 2013? Vick played terrible, he made a ton of bad decisions and his team suffered from them.  Vick sat out for weeks with a concussion. It took him longer to come back than most guys and you have to wonder if it was the teams way of keeping him off the field. Michael Vick is on no position to make demands. The way he  played he is lucky the Eagles didn’t cut him already. Vick’s days in the NFL are numbered.

The guy made 12.5 million dollars for the garbage he brought to the field during the games he played. Vick has played in the NFL since 2001, you can take 3 years off for the prison time Vick spent. Still the way he has played the game and the hits he has taken has limited his career. You can see by the way he played last season he is very near the end. In Vick’s mind he is the best, the stats say otherwise. If Michael Vick was smart, and many question whether he is or not, he would keep his mouth shut and do what ever it is the Eagles tell him to do. Who else is going to pay this guy that kind of money?

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