The Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid had a decision to make last week, he made the choice to  stick with Eagles quarterback Michael Vick and now his team is 3-5 on the season. Reid could very well be coaching in his last season with the Eagles. Team owner Jeffrey Lurie made it perfectly clear before the season started, Reid and his Eagles had to win football games this year, he said 8-8 isn’t going to be good enough. Even though Reid fired his defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, Philadelphia still couldn’t stop the Saints from marching over Michael Vick in the game last night.

Vick was sacked 7 times by the New Orleans Saints. The Eagles couldn’t avoid the mighty pass rush the Saints brought into the game and many are now left to wonder if the might offense Michael Vick once brought to the Eagles is a thing of the past. The fans are also wondering if Andy Reid’s head coaching position will become a thing of the past also. The Eagles are pinning themselves into a must win a situation. Reid has only 8 games left to produce a winning season for the Eagles and with only 8 games left time could be running out for him and Vick to remain in the city of brotherly love.

The Eagles offense has struggled all season with Vick lining up behind center. The Eagles one time explosive quarterback has lost 5 games and lost the football multiple times this season. Turnovers are always costly in the NFL and this season Michael Vick has protected the football very well and he isn’t protecting his head coaches job very well either. Can the Philadelphia Eagles pull themselves together and produce a winning season at this point? It looks to be next to impossible with the way Michael Vick is playing currently. Andy Reid may want to put his résumé together now.


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  1. CD Mitchell

    Are you people serious? Although Vick has lost numerous fumbles, you have to look at the team as a whole from Vick and his fumbles to The terrible O line pretending to block, to the horrific tackling being attempted by the D. Everyone wants to point fingers at Vick but there is no possible way for any QB to succeed with the conditions he has been put under! Injuries have killed this team, so back up and give the guy a break, trust me there have been far more QBs in the NFL have played worse and been given pass after pass.

    • LG

      I think people are serious….I think they should stick it out with Vick but I am in the minority..

      • CD Mitchell

        I’m sure they are serious, but if they really knew football, they would know he is a minor problem compared to what the rest of the team is playing like, last night NO gashed the D like the were paper, and the O line is High school at best , accumulate the highest sack and per hit total per drop back, and see if you could throw and not fumble the football. They were’t saying this stuff when they were winning wit Vick!

    • LA

      I have to really laugh when I read the first CD. r u kidding?? maybe they don’t want to play for this loser. send him back in a dog pen….why go further with this BS lose is a loser =s a loser


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