There has been plenty of said about Michael Sams, since he came out as the first openly gay football player going into the NFL draft. Sams addressed the media this afternoon from the NFL combine and he asked them to think of him as a football player and not the first gay player heading into the NFL.

Then he took questions from the media. As we thought, the gay issue was brought up. As we thought, Sams was asked what would happen if he enden up playing for a team like the Miami Dolphins, and he was faced with some players in the locker room making statements about him being gay.

Sams, responded by saying he would talk to them. He said, he thought he would be able to get to the point without coming to fists. He was also asked about the fans when his NFL team visits another teams home field.

Sams was quick to say, he doesn’t pay attention to the fans, he is far to busy paying attention to the guy across the line of scrimmage from him and how he was going to beat him and get to the quarterback.

Sams seemed to have all the answers for the media this afternoon. But lets face it, coming into the NFL as the first openly gay player is going to be a distraction for him. He has yet to face the hostile fans in a NFL stadium.

If he is drafted into the NFL, things are going to happen and how he deals with those things will help to define who Michael Sams the football player really is.

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