By now we all have heard the news about Chad Johnson getting arrested for allegedly head butting his wife. The Mimi Dolphins have now cut Chad Johnson, that’s right Johnson is no longer a member of the Miami Dolphins and who can blame them.  Johnson’s bond was set today it is UN-clear where the wide receiver is . Johnson was released on $2,500 bond Sunday after his wife accused him of head-butting her during an argument in front of their home. Johnson was charged with simple domestic battery, a misdemeanor.

Johnson just married Evelyn Lozada a little over a month ago, who is on the reality TV show “Basketball Wives.” Johnson, 34, has been battling for a spot on the team after a disappointing season with the New England Patriots in 2011. Looks like the Pats knew it was time to part ways with Johnson.  Just days ago Maimi Head coach Philbin said, Johnson’s roster spot could be in jeopardy if he didn’t temper his freewheeling behavior. Johnson annoyed the coach by frequently using profanity during a session with reporters.

Now when people say Johnson is a man without a home they mean it. His wife isn’t going to let him back at the house I’ll bet and the Miami Dolphins gave him the boot. Maybe he can join up with T.O. up in the Seattle area…..

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