Melky Cabrera has come out and said he made a mistake with drugs last year. What kind of mistake did he make? getting caught. If Cabrera didn’t get caught when he failed the drug test that major league baseball made him take would he be saying he made a mistake now? These guys will never learn. The Giants left him off the post season roster and now he comes out ans says he made a mistake. Why didn’t he say that after he was suspended for 50 games?

Maybe if Melky would have owned up to this last season he would not have been let go by the Giants. he is lucky that Toronto is willing to give him a chance. He signed a 16 million dollar contract and he is saying he is looking forward to playing in Toronto. MLB has to start giving these guys life time suspensions. What good is a slap on the wrist? They go out and become instant millionaires all over again. What do they learn?

Cheating is cheating you start issuing life time suspensions and these guys will stop trying to cheat. it is that simple. Melky Cabrera knowingly took drugs and put them into his body. Where is the mistake? he knew what he was doing when he did it. getting caught is the mistake he made. guess what Melky, if you don;t put them into your body you don;t get caught. Make no mistake about that….

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