The Detroit Tigers live to play another day, why? It is because they have a pitcher by the name of Max Scherzer. This guy has been spectacular this season. There is always a lot of hoopla about Justin Verlander, but I say the Tigers taking the A.L. Central this season has more to do with Scherzer than it does with Verlander.

Scherzer came onto the field to help the Tigers with a situation that not many would like to face. The bases were loaded and the Tigers were holding onto a one run lead and faced with elimination of they lose the game.

The guy has nerves of steel and some of the best pitches of anyone in the 2013 MLB season. He got the Tigers out of the jam and he showed why he deserves to be named the American League MVP for the 2013 season.

Without Scherzer the Tigers would be going to clean out their lockers today and heading home. He gave new life to the team and he continued to prove you can hit Max Scherzer this season.

Scherzer won 21 games this season but none of those wins were as big as the win he got last night. Scherzer was to start game 5, insteade Leyland had no other choice but to bring him in for a relief appearance, Scherzer’s first since  2011 to get the Tigers out of the jam they were faced with.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland said; “We took our best shot and we had to because we were behind the 8-ball a little bit,”We took that shot and, hey, both teams are going to have a good pitcher going two days from now.”

The Tigers got an extra life with the performance that Max Scherzer delivered. This guy has had an incredible 2013 season.  He would probably want to start game 5 knowing Scherzer.

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