By Larry GLicken

The Detroit Lions played a great football game this Thanksgiving day. It looked like Stafford had his troops on a path for a big win over the Houston Texans. Stafford was on fire throwing for a ton of yardage and 2 touchdowns. The Lions scored 31 points in the game only to fall to the Texans in overtime 34-31. The Lions had a chance for the win, Jason Hanson tried a 47 yard field goal on 3rd and 11 and he hit the right side of the goal post to watch in horror as the field goal was called no good by the referees. The Lions gave the Texans one chance to many in the game, when you give a team like Houston extra chances sooner or later you are going to pay the price.

That is exactly what happened to the Detroit Lions today, they gave Houston too many chances and they took the game away from Stafford and company. Detroit played a great game offensively and they could have used more help from their defense. Once again the Lions gave up too many points. It is hard to win football games when your defense can’t stop the other team from scoring. The Lions lost a game they should have won today. Detroit si having that kind of season, the team is now 4-7 and their chances of going to the play-offs are fading fast. They have 5 more games and they need to win them all.

The Lions are 3 games behind the Packers and the Bears in the NFC North. The team is in last place in their division 2 games behind the Vikings, they have to start wining football games now…..


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