Matthew Stafford was sacked five times by the Minnesota Viking, the Detroit Lions lost the game and are now 1-3 on the season and their offensive line is very offensive this season. The Lions couldn’t protect Stafford against the Vikings and they have had this problem with other teams as well. Stafford has been sacked 9 times this season and the pressure is keeping Stafford off-balance.  Stafford has already thrown 4 interceptions this season to his 3 touchdown passes. If the Lions line can’t stop the pass rush Stafford’s numbers could get worse before they get better.

Stafford is feeling the frustration of the losses too. You could hear it in his voice in his post game press conference. The Lions have to figure out a way to get this Stafford led offense to fire on all cylinders before it is too late. Stafford did throw for 319 yards against the Vikings, he threw the ball 51 times and only hit for 30 completions. Now normally this isn’t that bad, but he is throwing the ball too many times. The Lions running game was none existent in the game. Detroit tried to rush the ball times and only gained 55 yards.

You are not fooling anyone with those kind of rushing numbers, again this demonstrates problems with the Lions offensive line. They are not run blocking very well, sure the Vikings defense stepped up big in the game, the point is when you rush the football 20 times you have to gain more than 55 yards. That’s pathetic. With a 1-3 record the Lions have fell all the way to the bottom of the NFC north 2 games behind the Vikings. Detroit has to get things going and they have to do it in a hurry….


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  1. craig

    Its safe to say I won’t be spending any of my money to go see this team. They aren’t playing with anymore heart than the 0 and 16 Lions, but have more tallent, So that’s our one win THANKS!!! SUH IS A JOKE, hate I wasted money on that losers Jersey!! LESHORE, Smoke another one your not worth a bag of dope!! The rest of you, You are in the NFL learn how to catch and takle you IDIOTS!!!


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