Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is just as much to blame for the Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, as he is. The Bengals should have sent this guy a message long ago. Pacman said he was going to be a changed man, but his recent run in with the law, disputes the claim.

Lewis needs to set an example, he should stand up and at the very least suspend Jones for several games. How long is he going to put up with this none since? The Bengals have a good football team this season and they can’t let Jones take the focus off the field.

In his latest fiasco, Jones was riding in a car with a drunk driver and they were pulled over by the Ohio State Patrol just after 2:30 a.m. on Ohio State Route 125. The first thing Lewis should be asking is what the hell was Jones doing out with a drunk driver at 2:30 in the morning?

Don’t these NFL players learn from others? It was not that long ago that one of the Dallas Cowboys killed one of his teammates in a car accident. Jones was stupid for putting himself in this situation. Then he gets charged with disorderly conduct.

How do you suppose this happened? He had to get smart with the State Trooper. Jones is obviously not smart enough to sit there and keep his big mouth shut. He probably could have walked away from this situation if he just didn’t start his crap.

Jones already has an Oct. 7 trial date, to face charges of hitting a woman at a downtown Cincinnati bar. He entered a not guilty plea already. This disorderly conduct charge isn’t going to look good to the court. Lewis needs to grow a set and deal with this problem.

The team needs to suspend Pacman Jones….

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  1. Mdog

    We are out of corners. Unless you can play?

    • LG

      So because they are short handed it is OK for Pacman to pull his crap, is that what you’re saying?

      • Anonymous


  2. AC

    What was he doing out at 2:30? It was his 30th b-day. How do you suppose this happened? Well, I’m glad you were obviously in the car with him and heard him mouth off. While Pacman has obviously had his issues, he never gets the benefit of the doubt. Let see if the charges even stick before you start talking about cutting someone

  3. TS9

    Somehow I made it to 30 without getting arrested a single time and after 8 times he still can’t seem to figure it out. It seems he gets plenty of the “benefit of the doubt”. It’s time to grow up and join the rest of civilized society.


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