McPhee is the idiot here–as usual–NOT Martin Erat. GMGM had NO business giving up on a 19 year old highly touted power forward prospect (Forsberg) in exchange for a 32 year old winger who’d never scored more than (or even as many as) 28 goals in a single season.

The move was even dumber when you take into consideration the sad fact that there’s absolutely NO guarantee that the Caps’ other highly(?) regarded prospect (Kuznetsov) will EVER grow a pair and play in the NHL–for Washington or anyone else.

I’ve said over and over and over again that the Capitals will NEVER win Lord Stanley’s Cup as long as the village dumbell McPhee is running things.

I hope I’m wrong, but based on some of his other block headed moves in the past (like holding on to space cadet Alex Semin as though he were the second coming of Denis Savard and not trading perennially under-achieving, oft injured, HIGHLY OVER-RATED Mike Green being two cases in point…) I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT.


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