Martha Earnhardt, the mother of legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Sr is not happy with the idea of seeing a black car with the number 3 on it returning to NASCAR. Earnhardt Sr was killed when he hit the wall at Daytona February 18, 2001.

Since, no black car would take to the track with the number 3 on it. This season all that is about to change, and Earnhardt’s mother is going to have to adjust to it. The car will be driven by Austin Dillon the grandson of team owner Richard Childress.

Both men agree, this is going to be an emotional time. I’ll beat the fans are going to be emotional too. Dale Earnhardt Sr was one of the fans all time favorites. He ranked right up there with all the greats in NASCAR. The number 3 was one of the most recognized logos  in all of sports.

As soon as you saw it, you immediately thought of Dale Earnhardt Sr.. You could travel anywhere, on any highway in the United States without seeing that white number 3 on somebodies car. Earnhardt was huge in the sport and it is going to be difficult for race fans everywhere to see a black car running with the number 3 on it.

You will think of Dale Earnhardt Sr. and the good ole days. And there is nothing wrong with that.

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  1. Gayle Larson

    I agree with Martha. I cannot watch that car at Daytona. He died in that car on that track. I will try to watch Phoenix but this may be the end of me and NASCAR.

    • Anonymous

      Get a life it’s just a number and a car.

  2. maurice oHallarn

    The # 3 should be retired I thought Richard Childress had more respect for Dale and nascar let alone let His Mother having to see it.

    • LG

      You are exactly right. The #3 should be retired. I thought it was and you are correct about the respect thing too.


    If they don’t retire numbers then it should be the owners right to use it. Other greats have died or retired and their numbers still get used.

  4. Anonymous

    Life goes on. It’s just a number. Why not let it go back on track!

  5. Vikki Grindstaff

    I agree with Martha. they should not bring back the #3 it is shameful of NASCAR

    • Anonymous

      You know Dale probably seen Austin since he was born. Dale would have been proud to see him in that car

  6. Paul Deluisep

    Dale would be proud to see Austin in that car.

    • Anonymous

      More people hated dale because was a dirty driver. Dale sr could take lessons from Dale jr on sportsmanship

      • Anonymous

        I think its great I mean why not bring the memory of a great legend from our minds and hearts onto the track

      • Anonymous

        I totally agree with this!!!!!

      • anonymous

        you must be one of those stupid ford lovers that does not remember Pearson Allison or Yarborrgh and has not seen kyle don’t know what sports manship is

  7. Anonymous

    Last effort for nascar for a turd to ride down the drain

  8. darren

    its good to see the #3 back I just wish the person behind the wheel was more respectful to who actually made it famous.keep mommas t.t in my mouth and a silver spoon in my hand and I can wheel that car as well if not makes me sick that boy has no clue who dale really was and what he did for the what if grandpa had the # he wasn’t that good of driver as grandson will prove as well. I will follow the 3 but not because of them.what a bad deal harvick got because of this but hes in a better place. it just shows to me that organization is all about something else besides what the #3 really means. the intimidater wouldn’t indorse this . sorry to say that mr.childress but he would want a real man behind that wheel that really had to work for it, no t.t or spoons involved


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