Martha Earnhardt, the mother of legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Sr is not happy with the idea of seeing a black car with the number 3 on it returning to NASCAR. Earnhardt Sr was killed when he hit the wall at Daytona February 18, 2001.

Since, no black car would take to the track with the number 3 on it. This season all that is about to change, and Earnhardt’s mother is going to have to adjust to it. The car will be driven by Austin Dillon the grandson of team owner Richard Childress.

Both men agree, this is going to be an emotional time. I’ll beat the fans are going to be emotional too. Dale Earnhardt Sr was one of the fans all time favorites. He ranked right up there with all the greats in NASCAR. The number 3 was one of the most recognized logos  in all of sports.

As soon as you saw it, you immediately thought of Dale Earnhardt Sr.. You could travel anywhere, on any highway in the United States without seeing that white number 3 on somebodies car. Earnhardt was huge in the sport and it is going to be difficult for race fans everywhere to see a black car running with the number 3 on it.

You will think of Dale Earnhardt Sr. and the good ole days. And there is nothing wrong with that.

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