Former New York Jets QB, Mark Sanchez, feels like he got screwed by the team and his former head coach Rex Ryan. It all started last season when Sanchez suffered an injury that could have been avoided, if Ryan didn’t make stupid decisions.

Then it escalated when the Jets kept Sanchez until now. Sanchez feels like he could have been picked up by a team looking for a quarterback. He feels like if the Jets were going to release him, they should have done it sooner, when it would have been easier to find a job.

Sanchez was once Ryan’s favorite QB. Ryan’s wife even had a tattoo of a Sanchez jersey on her arm. Sanchez was made the fall guy, for all Ryan’s stupid decisions throughout his career with the New York Jets.

You can’t blame Sanchez for feeling like he was screwed by the team and it’s head coach. Ryan runs a three-ring circus in New York. If he would have made better decisions over the years, Sanchez feels as though his career would have been different.

Now the free agent QB finds himself out on the streets and wondering why. If the team would have released him sooner, he could have already found a new Job in the NFL.

He feels like he has been screwed, and who can blame him? He has been screwed.



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  1. twoshady18

    can’t believe i clicked on this trash article. where are the quotes? when did Sanchez say this? “Ryan’s wife even had a tattoo of a Sanchez jersey on her arm” What???? Ryan has the tattoo of his wife wearing the jersey on HIS arm. this is by far the dumbest Jets post ever and that’s really saying something.


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