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The 49ers will release Randy Moss sometime this year. It may happen sooner. It may happen later. But it will happen.

Why? Because for reasons that mystify me, he’s on the field for fewer than 25% of their plays. And when he IS on the field he’s little more than a decoy for Manningham, Davis or Crabtree—EVEN WHEN HE’S IN SINGLE COVERAGE!!!

Which begs the twofold question:

1)    Why on earth did the 49ers waste money and a roster spot to sign him?

2)    Why on earth doesn’t anyone in the media inquire (other than Troy Aikman in Week One)–since it’s so glaringly obvious that the 49’ers aren’t using Moss even in situations where he still figures to excel?


Perhaps someone on ESPN First Take can make it a debate topic and spare us the usual empty-headed (and oh-so-frequent) exchanges we’re subjected to about Tim Tebow and his prospects for success in the NFL. (I think Skip Bayless should put us all out of our misery, marry Tim Tebow now and get it over with)


Eternally Curious,



Santa Monica


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