Jay Cutler has led his Chicago Bears to 2 4th quarter wins in 2 weeks. Do you think Cutler could have done that last season? If you are being honest the answer is no. Cutler looks like a real NFL quarterback this season.

The credit has to go to the Bears new head coach Marc Trestman, he has worked with Cutler since he was hired by Chicago to take over the teams vacant head coaching job.

Cutler played a sensational game today against the Vikings. The Bears were trailing when Cutler took them down the field and scored the team’s only second half touchdown in the 4th quarter with only minutes  left to play in the game.

It was Cutler’s second week of bringing the team back to win. He is finding confidence to run the offense the Bears are using these days. The head coach the Bears hired is a smart guy, he has helped a bunch of quarterbacks to play up to their abilities.

Cutler played a good game against Minnesota and the best part was him not doing anything that would take away the chance for the Bears to win. He completed 28 of the 39 passes he threw and he did throw 2 picks. They didn’t coast him a shot at the win and when he brought the team back to win, it more than made up for those interceptions.

He had 3 touchdowns and he is finding his way with the Bears offense. The Bears are off to a great start and with the way Cutler and Trestman are working things out, it could continue to get better in Chicago.

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