Marc Trestman had the Chicago Bears preparing to face a Green Bay Packers team with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. Trestman didn’t think Rodgers would miss the game and he knew he would be ready to play.

This is the most important game in this rookie head coaches career. Trestman kept his word by playing Cutler last week. Many Bears fans thought he was making a mistake and they think the Bears played a terrible game last week.

The Bears were embarrassed by the Eagles. That’s what the fans think. But the Eagles are a great football team and they have played dominating football long before the meeting with the Chicago Bears last week.

The Bears defense knocked Aaron Rodgers out of the game early in their first meeting this season. Both teams need to win this football game. For Trestman, this is a huge must win situation.

If he can’t win this game and the Bears miss an opportunity like this, the fans will be second guessing Trestman all off-season for  playing Jay Cutler.

The odds makers are only giving this game a 3 point spread,it’s going to be a tough physical game and lets remember Rodgers has played for a while.

He could be forced by the Bears defense, to make some mistakes. If the Bears can keep the pressure on him throughout the game, they could come away with a win.


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