Marc Trestman is proving, paying attention to the smallest details can improve your quarterbacks performance. Trestman has been working with Jay Cutler to improve his throwing motion. The results are a 3-0 start for the Chicago Bears.

The latest improvement to Cutler has been Trestman’s suggestion for him to hold the ball a little higher before he throws it. This little detail has helped Cutler to get rid of the ball quicker and has taken some pressure off the Bears offensive line.

Trestman is proving that paying attention to the smallest detail can help improve your quarterbacks performance. Cutler was able to lead his Chicago Bears to a 40-23 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. He threw the ball 30 times completing 20 of them and had one touchdown.

He didn’t throw any interceptions and was sacked 2 times in the game. Cutler and the Bears are having a great year and it doesn’t seem to slow down anytime soon. The Bears defense is also playing great this season. If Trestman can continue to keep his Bears playing at the level he has them playing at currently, who knows how many games this team is going to win this season.

It is Trestman’s eye for detail that is taking this team to the next level.

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