Manny Ramirez wants to return to Major League baseball. Is there a team willing to take a chance on him? At 41-years-old Ramirez is on his way back to the United States from his time with the Chinese Professional Baseball League. Manny batted .352 this season with eight home runs and 43 RBI for the EDA Rhinos.

Is that enough to get a MLB team to bite on him? I hardly thing so. Although there could be a manager out there that is willing to take a chance by adding him to the line-up. There is a lot of baggage that comes with Ramirez. First a team is going to really need a guy that could be a D.H.. His playing in the field days are over. Manny wasn’t great in right field when he was younger, he certainly isn’t going to be very good at age 41.

Then there are Manny’s past problems with PED’s. He was suspended for a period of time and that helped bring his MLB career to an end. I can’t think of any team’s that would be willing to add Ramirez to their roster off the top of my head. He is too big of a risk.

You would think if there were real interest in bringing Ramirez back to MLB, we would have heard rumors by now. Ramirez might be disappointed when he returns to find out no one is taking the bate. Ramirez may have played well for the Chinese, but that is a far cry from the major league level.

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