Manny Ramirez said he wanted to rerun to major league baseball, I guess signing with the Texas Rangers even though it is a minor league deal is one step closer to him making his return. Ramirez isn’t going to be the answer to the Rangers problems.

He won’t be the guy who takes the place of some of the big name players the Rangers have traded away. Manny Ramirez might not even be smart enough to keep his nose clean. He was busted in the past for using PED’s and major league baseball is going to be keeping their eye on this guy.

When Ramirez left the China baseball league, I didn’t think there would be a team willing to mess with him in the majors. I can see the only team that was desperate enough to take the chance is the Rangers.

Signing Manny to a minor league deal doesn’t mean he will make the jump to the majors. Ramirez is going to have to prove he deserves the chance to make the jump to the big show. If he can perform at a high level in the minors, he may just get the shot to join the Rangers in the big show.

It is going to be interesting to see what Ramirez can do. At 41-years-old, time is running out for Manny Ramirez. He is lucky to get this shot with the Rangers, lets hope he makes the best of it.

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