The performance enhancement drug scandal that has rocked Major League Baseball just escalated. Tony Bosch, founder of the Biogenesis of America is coming out and naming names. He reached an agreement this week to cooperate with MLB’s investigation.

This is going to be the biggest scandal that ever hit MLB, according to some sources. MLB is going to try to suspend big name players like, Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun. These guys aren’t strangers when it comes to the use of PED’s.

Both have been busted in the past and they didn’t learn their lessons. MLB should ban these guys for life. They are both repeat offenders and could care less about getting busted because it is obvious they used PED’s to make a ton of money.

One source familiar with the case said the commissioner’s office might seek 100-game suspensions for Rodriguez, Braun and other players. What good is this going to do? They need to kick these guys out of MLB.

They faced suspensions in the past and didn’t learn anything. If MLB wants to send the message they aren’t going to take it anymore, then ban guys like Rodriguez and Braun for life. They shouldn’t be allowed to return.

Players know the rules the MLB is trying to enforce and to guys like Braun and Rodriguez it is a joke. MLB should tun the tables and show these guys the joke is on them.

Bosch is scheduled to meet with MLB officials on Friday in New York. That is when Bosch is expected to share the information he has about who is connected to this PED scandal. It could take up to 2 weeks following this meeting before MLB starts suspending the players connected to the use of PED’s but it is coming.

MLB is going to take a major hit when this information hits the media. There have been cheaters busted before but this could be the largest bust of its kind in the history of MLB. There are 20 players that will come under fire once Bosch meets with the MLB.

This is not going to be good for MLB or the teams that are going to be effected by the suspensions. It is time for MLB to say goodbye to guys like Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, they are not good for the game and they send a terrible message to the youth.

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