Teddy Bridgewater the highly rated quarterback, who many thought could be the number one overall pick in the NFL draft, is now saying he may pull out of the draft and return to school and play another year for the Louisville Cardinals.

Some are wondering if this is just a way for Bridgewater to test the waters so to speak. It could be he wants to see how this upcoming draft aligns himself, then he will put himself back into the pool.

If he did pull out and return to school, his absence would truly help the other quarterbacks that are going to be in the NFL draft.

At this time, it is hard to say of Bridgewater is serious about returning to Louisville or not. These guys tend to listen too much to their agents who are more interested in their 10 percent than the player they are representing.

As a matter of fact, Bridgewater wouldn’t be the first guy to get bogus information from their agent. Whether or not he is just trying to position himself if left to be seen.

I don’t think he has much to gain in the upcoming draft by playing this game, and I truly think he is considering staying in school for one more season. I guess we will have to wait and see if he truly does take himself out of the draft.


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