I get a kick out of people wondering what the Seattle Seahawks should do with Matt Flynn. The Seahawks should keep him that what they should do with him. He is a back up quarterback and he knows his role as a back up quarterback. Flynn’s biggest claim to fame was when he started a game in Green Bay and played great. He threw for 6 touchdowns in the game and teams around the NFL including the Seahawks, thought the guy should be a multi-million dollar starting NFL quarterback.

Flynn was drafted into the NFL in the 7th round in 2008 with the 209th pick. Flynn was beaten out by Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay and he had no problems at all staying as the Packers back up Q.B.. I haven’t heard Flynn complain about being Wilson’s back up in Seattle.  Flynn is a great guy to have on the bench. The way Wilson plays the game you just never know if you are going to need a guy like Flynn that can come into a game at a moments notice and get  you a win.

The Seahawks are in much better shape with Flynn than they would be without him. Seattle has shown they are a play off team and they should continue to be a play off team for the next several years if things can go their way. It would be stupid to get rid of Flynn even though he is taking up some salary cap. When you have a guy like Flynn, who can help you win if you need him, you keep him. That is what the Seattle Seahawks should do with Matt Flynn.


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