There is nothing worse than losing a player like Russell Westbrook in the midst of the NBA play-offs. Westbrook brings a style of play to the floor than inspires others to work harder to win. The Oklahoma City Thunder are going to miss Westbrook, that is for sure.

The team is still capable of winning basketball games. They have a lot of talent and if you haven’t noticed, Westbrook doesn’t take to the floor alone. he has guys like Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka just to name a couple.

These guys are going to have to dig down deeper to win without the help of Westbrook for the rest of this season. The Thunder is one of the best teams in the NBA and they can get the job done with the players they have left.

Westbrook, being the warrior that he is, wanted to play  even with a torn meniscus. The team had to sit him down and let him know that his health comes first. Can you imagine the damage he could have done to his knee, had they let him play?

Westbrook has a lot of good years left in the NBA. He will come back from this surgery and be better than ever. The Oklahoma City Thunder will have a tough road to haul without Westbrook, but they can still get the job done.

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