When Aaron Rodgers made an early exit from the game against the Bears, you knew the Packers were going to have trouble. The Bear were playing a very physical game.

They man handled the Packers and they took control of this game early by playing tough defense. The Green Bay Packers have to be hoping they don’t lose Rodgers for a long period of time.

Seneca Wallace came in and couldn’t get the Packers going the way Rodgers could and you can see, Wallace is just a mediocre back up. He threw one interception and probably would have thrown more, had the Bears defensive players been able to hold onto the football.

Wallace completed 11 of the 19 passes he threw and he didn’t have a touchdown pass in the game. He isn’t Aaron Rodgers and that stuck out like a sore thumb.

The Packers had a great rushing game from Eddie Lacy who carried the ball 22 times and rushed for 150 yards and one touchdown in the game. He had a 6.8 yard per carry average and that is very good.

Lacy couldn’t carry the game by himself. He and the Packers needed a quarterback who was a serious threat to the Bears secondary the way that Rodgers would have been.

They didn’t get that out of Wallace nor will they. The Packers and their fans have to hope the shoulder injury Rodgers suffered doesn’t keep him out too long.

Losing Rodgers in the first few minutes, didn’t help the Packers chances of beating the Bears.. The good news is he was on the sidelines late in the 3rd quarter and he wasn’t wearing a sling on his arm.

The Packers fall to 5-3 on the season after losing to the Bear 27-20.


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