By Larry GLicken

The city of Detroit is watching helplessly as their sports franchises completely implode. The Tigers made it into the World Series only to find out they couldn’t contend, they were swept by the Giants, the Lions are playing less than inspired football after making the play offs in 2011 and the Detroit Pistons are off to an 0-5 start to their N.B.A. season. What is going on up north in Michigan? The Sports teams in Detroit have completely lost their focus.

Detroit is not performing the way they did last season. The only bright spot was the Tigers making it to the big show, once they got there they stunk. The Lions are playing .500 football and are in last place in the NFC North and the Pistons haven’t found a win yet this season. The Detroit sports franchise may need a government reorganization to get back to their winning ways, we saw it work with the auto industry, maybe it can help with the City Of Detroit’s sports teams. Michigan is taking it on the shin in 2012.

It isn’t like they don’t spend the cash to compete. The Tigers spent a ton of cash trying to build a team. The Lions have some great players and the Pistons, well they are the Pistons. It is going to be a very long winter for the people in Michigan if they can’t see the Pistons turning things around.

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