Thomas Vonn, the ex-husband of Lindesy Vonn who is Tiger Woods new girlfriend isn’t missing a beat when it comes to slamming Tiger. As soon as Tiger received the 2 stroke penalty in the Masters, Thomas Vonn took to twitter and said he did his part in calling in to turn in a cheater.

Clearly, Vonn has reservations about his former wife dating the golf super-star. Could it be he still has feelings for Lindsey? Who knows. We do know one thing for certain. The female Vonn knows of  Tigers troubled past. She knows what happened when he was a married man.

Tiger will never be able to live down the affairs that took place during his marriage. Now with the 2 stroke penalty at the Masters, people are starting to label him as a cheater on the course as well. Thomas Vonn, may or may not have called into the Masters to advise them to have a look at the video and ESPN interview of Tiger’s drop.

It doesn’t matter, as long as Tiger continues to date Lindsey, we think his life will be filled with Thomas Vonn comments. Tiger has to have pretty thick skin by know. He has heard it all and now, it is just water under the bridge.

It will be interesting to see if this relationship between Woods and Lindsey Vonn can handle all the negative press. Have a look a the video to see what you think of what Thomas Vonn has to say about Tiger Woods. Then leave your comments below and let us know if you think the Woods – Vonn relationship is built to last.

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  1. tigress

    This is not going to last. Between her jelously and her ex’s garbage that he’s throwing out , it’s doomed. I have a horrible feeling that Lindsey and her ex are working together to knock Tiger down. If I was with Tiger we would have an open relationship. If he wanted to have an affair so what. Tiger doesn’t deserve to be hurt anymore.


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