Tiger Woods is in the middle of a battle to win the Open Championship. In golf timing is everything, just ask Woods about that. This is a strange time for his girl friend Lindsey Vonn to come out and say she will never marry Tiger Woods.

With the start of the British Open and Woods finding himself at 2 under par tied for 9th place in the tournament, the talk should be about how well he played after returning from time off with a left elbow injury.

Instead, the talk is about his girlfriend and how she will never marry him. Vonn is all over the media saying; ‘definitely not getting married’ again. I wonder if Woods knew that when he started his relationship with Vonn.

Vonn seems to be tainted when it comes to marriage.  She is cautioning others against walking down the aisle. Her first marriage left her with plenty of bad feelings and she must not be a forgiving person.

In a recent interview when Vonn was asked if marriage was in her future she replied; “No, thanks! I am definitely not getting married. To anyone.” That means there will be no wedding bells in Tiger’s future. At least he won’t have to pay out millions if it didn’t work out.

Woods can go on with his life and not have to worry about getting a pre-nup written up. Strange timing for Vonn to come out with this story. You would think she doesn’t want Tiger to win his 15th major.

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