Tiger Woods hasn’t won a major since he and his wife Elin Nordegren split. Think about it, the guy tried to offer Elin a deal to remarry him just before the 2013 PGA season got under way. There was talk of him offering a 200 million dollar prenup.

Tiger knew he was missing something. He came into the 2013 US Open trying to win his 15th major. Today he did nothing to help his cause. Even with Lindsey Vonn walking around Merion, Woods wasn’t able to gain any ground on the field.

Tiger played terrible today. He is at 8 over, with 2 holes left to play in his 3 round. What ever it was he got from Nordegren, he is not getting it from Vonn. Tiger’s mental toughness in majors has disappeared.

We never saw this happen to him when he was married. He played terrible today and he only made 1 birdie while making 6 bogies. He still had 2 hole left to play and for the first time in his career in a major, we aren’t even seeing him on television.

Woods is missing something. That something has to be the support of Elin. He is not finding the same thing with Vonn and he may never have what he once had. The days of Tiger dominating the majors is over.

He is not going to claim the 113th US Open and I doubt if he will win a major this year. Karma is a bitch….. Tiger is now at 9 over for the tournament. He made another bogey on his way in.

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