Just a few months ago it seemed as though Tiger Woods wouldn’t win a major. Today reports have Tiger wanted to win 20 majors. Lindsey Vonn must make Tiger Woods happy, he is playing great golf this season and to come out to say, he has 20 major wins as his goal, something had to happen.

Woods friend Notah Begay III has said Tiger has told him he is going to win 20 majors. Begay has been a close friend with Woods since they went to college. Tiger is going into the 2013 Masters as the favorite to win.  Woods could win his 15th Major championship and he would be 3 wins back from breaking the all time major wins.

It would be special to see if Lindsey Vonn  standing by the 18th green come Sunday evening waiting to claim Tiger another green jacket. If Woods wins the Masters, then he could go on to win another Major this season. The Masters is the first of the 4 majors in 2013.

It isn’t going to be easy for Tiger to win at Augusta, there are some great players that will have something to say. If Tiger can get off to a good start and he can hold onto the lead going into the final round, no one can catch him. There is something about Tiger’s new relationship with Lindsey Vonn that has him playing well this year.

Tiger has to be happy, finally after the break up with his former wife. Lindsey Vonn has filled a void that Tiger has tried to fill in for a few years. I wouldn’t count Woods out next weekend when moving day takes place at Augusta National.

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