There is little doubt that Tiger Woods is a great golfer. But is he the best of all time? According to Lindsey Vonn he is. She took to twitter to endorse her man. We have to wonder if Vonn knows anything about golf or is she talking about her man’s performance in the bedroom.

Woods has a way to go to become the best of all time. Vonn could be rushing things just a bit. Woods will play in the season’s last major and if he can card a win, then the conversation would clearly start to point to Woods as the best of all time. Woods hasn’t won a major in a while and he is 0 for 3 this season.

He is in pursuit of the greatest of all times record. Not only did Nicklaus win 18 majors, he finished second 20 times. Woods has set the bar high in tour wins. He is close to passing Sam Snead’s record in wins. So for the meantime, we will consider Tiger Woods as one of the best of all time.

But he is clearly not the best of all time yet. Vonn has a little learning to do when it comes to the game of golf. If Woods wins the PGA, she will then have more evidence to prove her point. Lets wait and she what happens come Sunday.

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