The Philadelphia Eagles beat the New York Giants to get their 3rd win of the year and it wasn’t easy at all. The game was one those the Eagles had to chisel each yard out of. The Giants defense had their hands full trying to stop LeSean McCoy. McCoy rushed for 123 yards in 23 carries, he was there when Vick needed him and he is a big reason the Eagles were able to hold on to get the win over the New York Giants by just 2 points.

Michael Vick also rushed for 49 yards, when he really needed to run late in the 4th quarter the Giants defense was able to stop him. That’s when the Eagles kicked a field goal that would give them the 2 point lead and the Giants would get the ball back with less than 2 minutes remaining in the game. You talk about a nail bitter, the Giants would be moving the ball down the field and there would be a number of pass interference calls that would extend the life of the drive after the Eagles defense would watch Eli Manning throw incomplete passes. The Giants would get two big calls giving them a first down and letting Manning try to get his team a little closer to the promise land.

Then it happened, the refs called a pass interference call on the Giants offense, the ball was moved back and it would leave Manning’s Giants a very long 54 yard field goal attempt.  The Eagles would watch as the Giants sent Lawrence Tynes out on the field to boot a 54 yard field goal for the win, Tynes is a good kicker, he normally doesn’t miss. As the Giants got the kick off Eagles head coach called for a time out trying to freeze the kicker, just like that Reid called time out and the kick Tynes sent up was wide left and no good. Andy Reid just gave the New York Giants kicker a practice shot.

The game was on the line and thanks to Eagles head coach the Giants had another chance to make the field goal that would take the win away from the Eagles, Tynes lined up once again, he hit the kick that would sail right down the middle of the field,it looked like it would split the center of the up-wright but it fell a few yards short and the Eagles took their 3rd win on the season and beat the New York Giants in one heck of a good football game 19-17. With the win the Eagles move to 3-1 and a game in front of Dallas who play Monday night.

After the game in a interview Michael Vick was asked about freezing the kicker, Vick responded that he doesn’t like that call. Vick thinks that guy should just be allowed to go out there and kick the ball and what ever happens, happens.

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