As the leg-less Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius appeared in court Friday, he held his head in his hands weeping. The truth about Pistorius is starting to emerge. South African police are starting to reveal that they have been to the house belonging to Pistorius before. He has had a history of domestic violence against women. It appears that he and a former girlfriend had problems in the past. The story Pistorius came out with is starting to crumble. The police are investigating claims that  Reeva Steenkamp came to the house at 3:00Am in the morning and startled  Pistorius.

Pistorius’s neighbors seem to have a different version of the story. Prosecutors are going to  pursue premeditated murder charges in the case. They must have enough evidence against the Paralympic superstar to warrant the charges.

Pistorius’s father, brother and sister were in the court as the proceedings started. When Pistorius broke down into tears his brother laid his head on the shoulders of Pistorius. Thousands of people throughout South Africa are stunned about he events that unfolded on Valentines Day. Pistorius shot Steenkamp 4 times. How could a guy that is as skilled as Pistorius with a handgun make the mistake of thinking a women as beautiful as  Steenkamp  was confuse her as a intruder?

As the days go by and more of the truth emerges, we will find out that Pistorius isn’t the person he was perceived to be. The man who won hearts in the London Olympics last year, has stolen the hearts of many with the cold blooded killing of Reeva Steenkamp on a day for lovers.


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