LeBron James and the Miami Heat have won back-to-back championships and after the game LeBron James said, he was just a guy from the inner city of Akron, Ohio. He went on to say he wasn’t even suppose to be there. Well he is there. He is putting on his second consecutive championship ring and he may not be finished yet.

The way LeBron plays basketball, it looks like it is his destiny to be great. He was a star in Akron Ohio and that is why he was the first round draft pick in the NBA draft. He helped the Heat beat the Spurs when it looked like the NBA would have a new team winning the championship this season.

James scored 37 points in game 7. Not only did his accomplishments on the floor help the team beat the Spurs, his leadership helped rally his teammates to play great. He talked to them before game 7 started and he continued to talk to them every chance he could, telling them not to let up.

James knew the Heat couldn’t back down if they were going to win another NBA championship. When he says he is just a guy from the inner city of Akron Ohio that wasn’t even supposed to be there, he is just being humble.

Currently, he is the best NBA player at this time. Winning his second championship ring in a row places him among the leagues greats. When it is all said and over, James could jump to the top of that list.

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