You may have heard about the police in Miami escorting Lebron James to a concert. The escort even had James following police as they drove down the wrong side of the road to get James to a Jay Z/Justin Timberlake show on Friday night.

TMZ is reporting that the Miami-Dade PD is now officially investigating the matter.

This had to be a serious mis-use of tax payers money. TMZ is also reporting they have spoken with 4 different police agencies and they all say it was not one of their cruisers that escorted James to the concert.

It was LeBron himself that posted an Instagram video showing himself following a police cruiser that had the lights going as they proceeded down the wrong side of the road to get James to the concert in time.

All the departments that TMZ talked with all point them back to Miami-Dade PD. They are the department that have jurisdiction at Sun Life Stadium, where the concert was held.

No matter how this turns out it can’t be good for the Miami Police department. I’ll bet some officers are going to get suspended for their part in this fiasco. James should reach into his pockets and pay any police officers who get suspended.
Getting to a concert on time isn’t an emergency and the police over used their power in this case.
It will be interesting to see how this one turns out….
LeBron James police escort now under investigation.

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