LeBron James the great Miami Heat player who DISSED the Cleveland Cavaliers in search of a ring is now saying “Rings Shouldn’t Matter”.  Come on LeBron, when you left the Cavaliers you said it was because you wanted to win a NBA Championship and you wanted to get your ring. Now that one of the greatest NBA players comes out and picks Kobe over LeBron, you are making a statement that rings shouldn’t be a measure of greatness. Aren’t you being a Hypocrite?

After all, it was LeBron who needed to get a ring so he could be measured as a great NBA player. Now that M.J. picked Kobe over James, he feels like he isn’t as great. It is a fact that in any sport championships are how you measure greatness. James is a great NBA player. The fact is he only has one ring so far. The Miami Heat could very well repeat this season. The team that LeBron leads is playing some great basketball.  James is continuing to set new records on the floor and when it is all said and done he will be one of the greatest players in NBA history if he can stay healthy.

For the time being, James needs to accept criticism and continue to play at the level he is capable of playing. The records will keep falling and James will find his place in NBA history.  But now the fact is James hasn’t proved he can win 5 championships yet. He may be able to do it sooner or later, but for now, he is not the greatest. Accept it and move on LeBron.


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