What was LeBron James thinking during last night’s game against the San Antonio Spurs? Could it have been, what kind of welcome the fans in Cleveland will give him when he attends the Žydrūnas Ilgauskas jersey retirement party on Saturday night?

James is going despite opposition from the Miami Heat. James certainly didn’t look as though he came to play last night. There were times during the game he just stood there pointing his finger at his team mates from the top of the key, as the Spurs continued to dominate the Heats weak defensive effort.

The Spurs handed King James and his Miami teammates a pretty good butt whopping. The Heat looked lost in this game. They fell to the Spurs by 24 points losing the game 111-87. We kept waiting for James to lead the comeback in the 4th quarter, but clearly he had other things on his mind, besides this basketball game.

James put up a weak effort by his standards. He only scored 19 points and didn’t look like he was willing to make an effort to do more.

The Heat as a team played terrible. Bosh led all the scoring for the Heat with 24, other than that there is nothing to brag about in this one.

LeBron is already in party mode, and he looks as though he can’t wait to get back to Cleveland and let the fans know just how great he is for coming.

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