By Larry GLicken

Here the Miami Heat go again. LeBron James & Dwyane Wade had to try to do it all against the Indiana Pacers, and guess what? The effort by James & Wade fell short and the Miami Heat were embarrassed by the Pacers. James and Wade combined for 521 points.

The rest of the Miami Heat players were lucky to combine with enough points to match those of Wade. The 3 other starters only scored 18 points between them.

The Bird-Man Chris Andersen, came in off the bench and played well, for Miami. He played for 19 minutes and scored 14 points. Ray Allen scored 12 points off the bench.

The Heat were pretty much man handled by the Pacers. If Indiana plays the Heat in-game 2 the way they played them today, Miami will be down 2-0 real quick.

James and Wade need some help out there. They can’t continue to try to beat the Pacer all alone. It’s not going to happen. The Heat had 26 fouls in the game, and the Pacers were able to take advantage at the foul line, making a lot of free throws.

Somehow the Miami Heat have to get back to playing some defensive basketball. The Heats defense hasn’t been very good this year and it could be because of the size of the team. We all know LeBron isn’t going to play the kind of defense necessary to slow down a team like the Pacers.

He never has been known for his defensive skills and if he can’t find the help he needs to slow down the Pacers, he better think about an early trip home this season. The Heat were beaten by the better team today. For Miami’s sake, they better find the missing link and they better do it before Tuesday night.

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