The Miami Heat looked like a cheap imitation of the team that won game 2 in the NBA finals. The Spurs were able to dominate the Heat and they pulled off a record-setting night in game 3. LeBron James was only able to score 15 points in a game where the Spurs completely shut down the Heats scoring machine.

The Heat looked lost out on the floor and the score reflected that they were out-classed and out-played by San Antonio. The Spurs made it look easy to beat the Heat, if they continue to play the way they played in game 3 to get the 2-1 lead in the finals, the Heat is going to have a tough time trying to win this championship.

James and his teammates had no way of stopping this Spurs team who were shooting at will scoring 3’s from all over the floor. The Heat could keep up with San Antonio in last nights game. James is running out of gas and he only has one day to rest.

If James can’t figure out how to get around the Spurs defense the Finals could be over in the next 2 games and the Heat will be beat. San Antonio is just too tough for the Miami Heat.




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