Has Tim Tebow’s popularity out-grown the NFL’s? The latest headlines are the quarterback has been black-balled by NFL team’s because of his cult like following. When Tebow was at the height of his career with the Denver Broncos, the nation and everyone in it was Tebowing all over the town.

Now that the Tebow-mania has died down, it seems as though his popularity is fading quickly.  At least where the NFL is concerned. Tebow’s days as an NFL quarterback might be over. Now that the Jets have released him, Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports, is saying he is Black-balled.

Silver blames it in his cult like following and the media frenzy. Is this guy for real. What NFL team doesn’t want a media frenzy? These teams love the publicity. At least when it comes to their team’s. The real problem could be, Tebow takes the focus off the team.

Others in the franchise get left behind. These others are obviously  jealous of Tebow. You can say what you want to about Tebow, but you can’t say he wasn’t a positive influence in the NFL. The league needs more guys like him. He isn’t running all over town, killing people because of drunk driving accidents and he isn’t shooting his girl friend to death.

If the NFL had more players with the values of a Tim Tebow, the league would be nothing but a positive influence on young people. This is the kind of image one would think the NFL wanted to project. Not the one we see everyday.

For some reason, a guy like Tebow doesn’t fit in. The League and its coaches need to re-access their core values. Tebow should be a positive example. Instead, the league is happy to see him go. What is wrong with this picture?


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  1. Anonymous

    tebow, was cut, by nfl teams, cause, they seen nothing, what so ever, for his future, in the nfl.. he needs alittle church, in th wildwood, to exceed.

  2. Oldflyer

    What a bullshit article.

  3. Anonymous

    This is something out of Jerry McGuire, somebody finally said it. I would give the guy a job in my organization because of who he is. We need this guy in the league and guys like him. I have watched the NFL since I was a boy. I now see the NFL for what it is today. I will miss Tim Tebow, he reminded me that all things are possible. I will leave you with this. Jesus couldn’t walk across this country, he would be crucified before he reached the Mississippi.

  4. LG

    What a joke that is, people in the media need to realize that Mortaza only jumps on these media band-wagon’s to keep hi sinking ship in the NEWS for free….


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