By Larry GLicken

The Dallas Cowboys pounded the ball against the Miami Dolphins with the help of Lance Dunbar. Dunbar carried the ball 15 times for 105 yards and one touchdown. In a game that doesn’t count Tony Romo didn’t play. I am a little surprised the Cowboys didn’t at least get Romo a series at the very least. The Cowboys must have wanted to work on their running game and they did that. The back-up quarterbacks handed off the football a total of 35 times against the Dolphins.

The Cowboys offensive line looked a little better only giving up 2 sacks, you have to remember this was the Miami Dolphins who really don’t have the best defense in the NFL. Stephen McGee was sacked once for a five yard loss and Rudy Carpenter was sacked once for a 1 yards loss. Both quarterbacks combined for a total of 166 yards passing and no touchdowns. McGee lead with 124 of those yards going 9 for 18 on the night.

It was truly a night the Cowboys used to see who they will keep and who will go. That’s preseason football….

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