The Los Angels Lakers gave Mike Brown the teams head coach his ticket out of L.A.. The Lakers fired the head coach just hours after he and Kobe Bryant got into a staring contest. Some say it was the Kobe Bryant death stare and now Brown is the guy without a team to coach. The Lakers never did give Mike Brown the respect they gave  other coaches throughout the teams history.  Brown couldn’t seem to hit it off with the high-profile Bryant. They  have looked at odds since Brown took over the head coaching position.

Sources have reported that the Lakers, while having publicly expressed support for Brown in the wake of a 1-4 start, have privately grown sufficiently concerned about the state of the team to the point that management is prepared to look seriously at a coaching change at this early juncture if L.A. can’t take advantage of what look to be multiple winnable games in the upcoming stretch.

It sure doesn’t look like that support lasted too long at all. This is another case of a coach taking the punishment for his team not doing well in the NBA. The Lakers shouldn’t even need a coach, after all they have the great Kobe Bryant and they should just let him play and be the team’s head coach. I thought he was doing that anyway…

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