The Los Angels Lakers gave Mike Brown the teams head coach his ticket out of L.A.. The Lakers fired the head coach just hours after he and Kobe Bryant got into a staring contest. Some say it was the Kobe Bryant death stare and now Brown is the guy without a team to coach. The Lakers never did give Mike Brown the respect they gave  other coaches throughout the teams history.  Brown couldn’t seem to hit it off with the high-profile Bryant. They  have looked at odds since Brown took over the head coaching position.

Sources have reported that the Lakers, while having publicly expressed support for Brown in the wake of a 1-4 start, have privately grown sufficiently concerned about the state of the team to the point that management is prepared to look seriously at a coaching change at this early juncture if L.A. can’t take advantage of what look to be multiple winnable games in the upcoming stretch.

It sure doesn’t look like that support lasted too long at all. This is another case of a coach taking the punishment for his team not doing well in the NBA. The Lakers shouldn’t even need a coach, after all they have the great Kobe Bryant and they should just let him play and be the team’s head coach. I thought he was doing that anyway…

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  1. Anonymous

    Kobe* Staring* and theres a few grammatical errors aswell… just saying.

    • LG

      Thanks had to get the news out quickly

  2. Anonymous

    What Kobe wants Kobe gets.They never did give Mike Brown a chance.Them lazy Lakers are babied to much.Should call them LA Cupcakes.These players should know how to play defensive and score as long as they have been playing.It’s all about KOBE.!!!

    • Anonymous

      so what it should b all about kobe he is one of the greatest

    • joemama


  3. Bolivar Atanasio

    Saw it coming? Don’t see how it could be Kobe’s fault. The decision to hire Brown was looked at as being an incredibly wrong decision!

  4. Bolivar Atanasio

    Saw it coming? Don’t see how it could be Kobe’s fault. The decision to hire Brown was looked at as being an incredibly wrong decision! Yse’ but not with Twitter account.

  5. Loloy Torres

    that’s only the 1st step, now they need to improve their bench, trade ebanks, morris, blake, jamison and some garbage…..gasol should be considered too. improve their free throw% and defense.

  6. JH

    Kobe wanted Brian Shaw and he deserved the job!!

  7. joeslakers

    KOLBE???? You call yourself a reporter? And you do it more than once – you aren’t ignorant, just plain stupid and need a different occupation.

    • LG

      Hey it is an honest mistake. There is a window comapny called Kolbe….LOL

  8. It's not all the coaches fault!!!

    Kobe did the same thing to Shaq.He has to be the big dog.Better get rid of Gasol,Artest,Blake and most of them on bench.Lakers really sucking!!!

    • LG

      Hey Kobe likes Gasol, wasn’t it Kobe who said as long as he is a laker Gasol stays in L.A>?

  9. sportsbaron1

    This was bound to happen sooner or later. To me, the Lakers should never have hired him in the first place. Mike Brown is a prime example of my contention that not all good assistant coaches make great head coaches. (and NO, he wasn’t a great head coach in Cleveland either in my humble opinion). He had valid ideas about how to get things done on one side of the ball (defense), but didn’t have a clue as to how to integrate pieces smoothly and get players to blend cohesively on offense. Admittedly that’s no mean feat on a team that has someone who hogs the ball as much as Kobe tends to, but it shouldn’t have been THAT hard considering he had the only natural “5” in the league who was any good (Andrew Bynum who couldn’t stand him) and Pao Ga-Soft who, though less than stellar defensively, is a wizard on offense.

    One more word about Kobe–and an unpopular one at that. I’ve been watching him closely for 14 seasons, and a collector’s item would be ANY quote from this guy admitting fault on HIS part for all the players who blow by him when they have the ball, and the times he hangs his center out to dry with his (frequent) defensive lapses…Equally rare is any criticism from the sycophants in the local press here–who fawn all over Kobe almost as much as they once did Shaq and, (as with Tiger) many of them can’t stand him personally…

    Let’s see if Mitch Cupcake can lure Mike D’Antoni (who Kobe loves and played for overseas) before Turkey Day gets here…I actually think it’s doable and, more to the point, a better fit philosophically and practically for the Lakers…

    But hey, what do I know?

    Santa Monica


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