When a team’s head coach comes out laughing about his teams chances of a championship, you there are troubles with the team. That is exactly what Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni is doing with his Lakers team. After the Lakers lost to the Washington Wizards, D’Antoni sounded like he has seen more than enough.

One of the first problems affecting L.A. is having D’Antoni as the team’s head coach. He is in way over his head and can’t handle the egos that the Lakers team is made up with. First you had Kobe out there crying about Howard not playing to his capabilities. Then you had Howard in a defensive mode saying the team didn’t have too many problems in the locker room.

If that wasn’t bad enough Howard’s father got into the act telling people he didn’t appreciate all the crap the Lakers were putting his son through. If D’Antoni was the right coach for the Lakers, he would have found a way long before now to pull his team together.

Now, with his team looking like they take half the nights off, he comes out complaining. Where has he been until now? D’Antoni should have strapped on a pair and took the bull by the horns long before now.

With him coming out now and criticizing his team, he is only going to make things worse. The guys in the locker room are bigger than their coach. They will win the battle that D’Antoni just started with his comments.

One of the things D’Antoni said about his Lakers that holds a lot of truth is, “Nobody understands the importance of every possession offensively and defensively.” If they don’t understand it by this point in their career, I wonder what makes D’Antoni think he can get it though their heads.

The Lakers certainly have their share of problems, and D’Antoni may have just added to them with his comments.  You can’t blame him for the frustrations he has to be feeling.






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  1. Daniel Cooper

    Oh where oh where has Phil Jackson gone, Oh where oh where could he be. Bring back bring back bring back Phil Jackson to me/lakers.

  2. Daniel Cooper

    They blew a 27 point lead. YOUR FIRED

    • LG

      This seems to be the week for blowing 27 point leads in the NBA. The Cleveland Cavaliers did the same thing against the Heat.


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