The guy (Dwight Howard) comes back to the court before his back is fully healed, tears his labrum, plays through THAT, yet all he hears from the ego-maniacal, self-proclaimed Black Mamba (and practically everyone in the local media pool) is that he wears tampons—then everyone in the LA basin, seemingly, forsakes common sense and AGREES.


Tell me, why would a notoriously sensitive (some would say thin-skinned) young man be all aflame to return to a city that was clearly unappreciative of his efforts? MONEY?? Sorry to disappoint you but he has more of that dirty green stuff than half of the fan base combined. ACCESS TO HOLLYWOOD?? Puh-lease. He can do that in his spare time during the off-season (and will…).


Los Angeles, get over yourselves. Either wake up, Grow up or SHUT UP.



Santa Monica

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