Written By Clifford Santa Monica,

Nash’s pedestrian performances this year can be attributed mainly to two things:


1)      His age

2)      The fact that he shares the court with Kobe Bean Bryant


Regarding the latter, despite the fact that the self-named Mamba has one of the highest basketball IQ’s of this generation or any other, it seems that he just can’t figure out the correct ratio of passes to shots to make from one game to the next. Until recently he was the self-absorbed, though highly skilled, shot nut most of us nevertheless love to watch. But beginning with his back-to-back 14 assist games late last month he began channeling former Laker great Earvin Johnson well enough to make us wonder which role he liked more—facilitator or gunner. Either way, Steve Nash became as useless as a wine steward at Jack in the Box since Kobe was dominating the ball—despite Steve being  brought here to direct the offense. Kobe has NOT been hoarding the ball out of desperation as you claim. Whether he’s shooting or passing, Kobe covets the ball because he loves influencing the outcome of the game—nothing more.


I’d like him to shoot the ball 15 times or so per game. The rest of the time I’d like to see him move the ball whether his passes culminate in assists or not. Remember, the pass that leads to the pass which results in a basket works just as well as a dime, n’est’ce pas?


Kobe his the brains to sort all of this out. He also has the skill. It remains to be seen if he has the will..


Time will tell…always does



Santa Monica



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